At the Cincinnati Pop Festival 1970, just minutes after the police stopped the show. Festival organizers expected the kids to stay in the stands. After our first song they rushed onto the field. The police told us to stop the show until they returned to their seats. The kids responded by pulling clumps of the Cincinnati Reds infield out and throwing it at the police (the summer of love was over). Lead guitarist Bob Kalamazs foreground, Jim Quinn, in flag pants, Ray Benich far right.

The first promo picture of the band with UA. From left, Bob Kalamasz, Jim Quinn, Adam Blessing, Bill Shwark and Ray Benich (1969).

When we returned to her room one night after dinner, to do that one thing that we always did best, a rare white Gibson bass that I had left there was gone. When I asked the motel manager if she'd seen any unusual activity around our room that night, she said. "Yeah, I saw your girlfriend write me a bad check for four hundred dollars!"

I had fallen so deeply in lust with this girl, how could I have ever imagined, in my wildest dreams, that one day she would silently stand by and watch as an attempt was made to murder me. And when that failed, she would lie under oath in a court of law, to help insure my conviction to charges that would equal more that a life sentence.

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