Ray meets rock journalist Doug Sheppard at the sound check for the rock hall gig. Doug and his partner Mike Stax, of Ugly Things Magzine, were instrumental in helping create a renewed interest in DOAB, which brought the band to the attention of a whole new generation of listeners. Thanks guys! (Ditto, Decibel Magazine)

In the next chapter of Illusions Of Justice" Ray goes to prison, (and our Damnation moment, will feature Ken Constable on the HOT SEAT).

Here's an excerpt from that chapter of Illusions:

Arriving at a maximum security prison can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. When you have never been in prison and your total criminal history consists of one shoplifting charge, the sight, sound, and feeling of double 15 foot high gates, topped with barbed wire, closing behind you can leave the novice inmate with a thousand questions about exactly what this stark reality will bring. As my mind tried desperately to rationalize the events of recent days, my anxiety grew worse when confronted with my first exposure to men who have been living this institutional degenerate life style for untold years. Although I had the foresight to leave my Movado watch with my attorney, I had overlooked a gold chain that I wore around my neck. The inmates were immediately drawn to this last bit of individuality that I possessed. They offered everything for it, and I knew sooner or later they would beg, borrow, or steal to get it. Deft manipulators that they are, existing in this micro society within a society, I decided to sell it for a few dollars in junk food. That in itself caused several confrontations with men who felt insulted and infuriated because they were not the ones that I sold it to. This was my introduction to dealing with inmate mentality. A mental state that many inmates function under in which every act that occurs throughout the day, no matter how trivial, is intensified to such a degree that it often escalates to physical violence.

from: Illusions of Justice, by Ray Benich ©2005
If you see yourself in this photo from the Rock Hall gig, email me.

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