Abyss Of Infamy is from "The Hungry Soul" CD. Ray's 8-song solo CD also features the iconoclastic cult classic, "Speaking In Tongues". To order "The Hungry Soul" contact Ray.

Ironically enough, the Damnation of Adam Blessing's box set cover, from 2000, seems to depict Stephen Pennell being taken to his own personal "Abyss Of Infamy."

Damnation's "Which is the Justice Which is the Thief" album cover from 1973 has been featured in an exhibit on Ohio bands at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. It's also included in the book, Classic Album Covers of the 60's.

Front cover of the "Damnation of Adam Blessing" by artist Hans Weingaertner.

Damnation of Adam Blessing downloads, for the highest quality downloads available on the web of the first two DOAB albums go to... Anthologyrecordings.com

Photo by Anna Chalgian
New Videos! On October 22, 07, Ray lectured at the University of Tennessee. Along with the one hour talk titled, "Illusions of Justice", Ray performed, "Punk Loose In Gangland", "Abyss of Infamy" and two other songs. Abyss of Infamy is dedicated to the victims of the Virginia Tech and Westroads mall shootings. "May the angels that lost their lives never be forgotten. While the assailant shall languish forever in an Abyss of Infamy." -Sarah Mclaughlin.
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Abyss of Infamy
Words and music by, Ray Benich ©2001.

The identity he craved, he secured in his grave,
and it will be his alone, as he sleeps in a zone.
Forever, he'll be known, forever he'll sleep alone,
forever, he'll be known, in an Abyss of Infamy,
an Abyss of Infamy...

And there will be no grave, cause in his death
was saved, some naive mind ablaze, a media clone.
Just wanted to be known, he just wanted to be known.
And it will sleep all alone, forever in a zone, forever
he'll be known...
In an Abyss of Infamy, an Abyss of Infamy, an Abyss of Infamy...

*A portion of all public performance royalties for any commercial release of "Abyss of Infamy" will go to the Delaware Victim's of Violent Crimes fund.

Abyss of Infamy, by Ray Benich ©2000
(re-mix 2009)

When "Illusions of Justice" is released, the book will come with an audio CD. The CD will include a song written about a particular incident described in each chapter. Abyss of Infamy, is from chapter VI. On this version of Abyss we feature another incredible young guitarist. Twenty two year old Jeff White contributes an emotionally charged lead that's indicative of the angst subject matter of the song. The rap at the end of the song is deftly laid down here by Raz D, III playing the part of Pennell from hell, as he pleads: Don't look for me, I'm at the bottom of a sea. The gnashing of teeth, tormented by the beast, the gnashing of teeth, tormented by the beast, it's a Mother F#@*$! Don't look for me! Don't look for me!


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Special message to our many French and Chinese visitors: Greetings, thinking human beings! Because I can see from my "stats" that you guys enter damnationofadamblessing.net on the political page where, "A Great Country, (is about to die) is posted, check that page out and leave, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you.

Thank you for seeming to recognizing America's "plight" far better than the "techno consumer junkies" that dominate American society today. America shares the same fatal flaw that every other great civilization that has fallen suffered, a self centered belief in being, "invincible!" more...


A Great Country
(is about to die)
by Ray Benich ©2007

It really doesn't matter if you're a Republican or a Democrat, the endless fighting between the two, in our aptly named "party" system, just goes on and on. The party goes on, at our expense! Few, if any, of the candidates, those in office or the people that make their living reporting on our inept dysfunctional government, care to rock the boat. After all, most of them earn several hundred thousand dollars A WEEK! Simply put, they live on a different planet than we do. While we continue to live month to month, wondering what's become of everything that we once believed in, and held sacred as an American standard, from social security, to the integrity of our criminal justice system, to the worlds opinion of America, they "party on".

When the world recognizes an America that respects the rights of all nations to govern themselves, by whatever form of rule, which may have been their cultural heritage for a thousand years. Or, to pursue their own religious beliefs and cultural traditions, their inherent right to worship God by whatever name they know Him by. Then America will regain its rightful place in the eyes of the world.

The Quiet Revolution is here, returning the power to the people, sign up today, (but don't tell anyone)!
To be continued...


The Party's Over
by Ray Benich ©2009

View "The Parties Over" live video:

I dreamed John Lennon was still alive, woke up and wrote this song. If he were alive today he'd be making some powerful statements in his art about the state of this nation. Just like he did with "Power to the People" "All I want Is The Truth", and many more. These were songs that were actually played on the radio. That type of thing is just not going to happen today, because of the strangle hold corporate America has on entertainment, and in particular radio, that in itself is reason enough to say...
"GOP get off my peter, DEMOCRATS lie down, the party's over, we're movin' on, without you." from "The Party's Over" by, Ray Benich
"Political anger in America nears boiling point, both left and right".
David Crary, Associated Press, Aug 23, 2009

*A Great Country (is about to die)and The Party's Over, are from the reality based rock opera, "Viva La A" (America's Big Comeback),by Ray Benich ©2009 all rights reserved.
"The Party's Over" studio version


Abyss of Infamy, by Ray Benich
© 2000 (Slight Return 2008)
New Version, featuring
Alen O'Brien

(As the Damnation of Adam Blessing, Alen O'Brien replaces Bob Kalamasz and Jim Quinn).

As 2008 unfolds we finally see some counter initiatives on the part of the media regarding attention devoted to "making famous" the latest mass murderer.

While we applaud these efforts* they can go much, much further. In this regards the song "Abyss of Infamy" represents a siren call for Federal legislation that removes "celebrity status" from these assailants. In essence, we call for a media blackout of these horrific individuals. With penalties imposed by the FCC for those outlets that would, "scoop the story" and publicize the assailant.

At the current time, in most states the names of juveniles, and rape victims, in criminal cases are not reported publicly and are in fact withheld from the media. We seek legislation that would apply the same "rule of law" to the assailants in future mass murder cases. Thusly, the assailant(s) would be denied their opportunity of having their fantasy of "fame" become a reality. With the primary motive, with most of these sick individuals denied, within a decade you'd see a dramatic decline in these incidents.

Innocent victims, wives and mothers, sons and daughters whom otherwise might have had their lives cut short by yet another "media clone" will be able to have an untimely and tragic death averted.

By Dr. Mike Skladany and Ray Benich

* Bill Maher (Rolling Stone), Jocelyn Noveck (Associated Press), Eric Zorn (Chicago Tribune), Jon Friedman (Market Watch.com), Michael Mayo (Sun-Sentinel.com)


"Gas Junkie" by Ray Benich,
introducing Pierre La Vieu
copyright 2011 Benich, Lind
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