The Damnation of Adam Blessing

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A live DVD recorded September 29, 2000 at the Odeon Theater Cleveland, Ohio

Donnie Cartelli, owner of Sabion Sound, and head sound engineer for the Broadway touring cast of Beatlemania Now said: "I had heard of the band, but never knew they were this good, Exhibit - A rocks!"

The Damnation of Adam Blessing's Exhibit -A is a modest one-camera shoot with arguably, the best audio track ever released by the band. This is what the band really sounded like.

In the September 2007 issue of Decibel Magazine, (click link to read article as 373Kb PDF) they called DOAB, "one of the greatest U.S. rock bands that hardly anyone has heard". Exhibit - A offers rock band aficionados a chance to see the unique chemistry exude by each member of the band that gives the group what professor Michael Skladany, of Ohio University called, "this sort of artsy existential vibe."

For those of you that were there with us when the James Gang, Cyrus Eire, Choir and the Damnation of Adam Blessing were all playing gigs in northern Ohio for years, we know you're going to enjoy this set just as much as we did. And, if you take your glasses off and squint, we look just like we did back in the day!

The show includes: (Running Away, You Don't Love Me, Spirit From Above, Death of a Virgin, Money Tree, Morning Dew, Last Train to Clarksville, Sometimes I Feel Like I Just Can't Go On, and Jimi Hendix's, You Got Me Foatin').

Cover design by Carol Cucinotta
Liner notes by Dr. Michael Skladany

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